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ACTIA, a range of advanced services

The notion of Services at ACTIA goes far beyond a BtoB relationship, it is omnipresent during the development, production and after-sales phases. Geographical proximity and shared technological and industrial affinities are key to the success of your projects.
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The partner for your most ambitious designs

ACTIA has laboratories and dedicated test benches from which its customers can benefit to assess or validate innovative design axes and confirm the choices made by the R&D teams.

ACTIA’s laboratories, which are EN ISO/IEC 17025 certified and open as a service to our customers, benefit from the Group’s sustained activity in the automotive mechatronics sector, which is challenged on a daily basis by specifications at the highest level in terms of safety and functional requirements.

User service: a dedicated web application

The connectivity of ACTIA’s solutions offers multiple possibilities for the owner to access relevant and useful information in the context of the use of his or her e-bike.

In addition to being able to view his or her bike(s) paired with his or her smartphone and the history of the routes taken, the cyclist has access via his or her personal page on the ACTIA website to a comprehensive FAQ (*) as well as the possibility of opening a “ticket”, i.e. asking a question to the hotline teams
(* = Frequently Asked Questions).

A centralized and proven International Hot Line

With 65,000 telephone contacts each year, 25,000 tickets in 5 languages and 16,000 points of sale, ACTIA has capitalised on more than 20 years of international experience in providing fast, relevant and efficient customer support, with the aim of giving priority to pleasure rather than trouble.

It is through this team of customer service professionals that ACTIA transfers its experience of the demands of the automotive world to its Micromobility activities.

Do you have a question?

For more information, our team is at your service to answer you as soon as possible.
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