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Automotive design & Eco-design

ACTIA, one of the major French players in the design and production of on-board electronics applications, brings its know-how, acquired and recognised for almost 35 years, to the systems and products of Micromobility.
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Dedicated Micromobility Qualification Laboratory

With the aim of control and reactivity, ACTIA has designed a specific qualification bench to test, validate and approve the products designed and manufactured. This bench is the synthesis of the know-how of the endurance and internal validation laboratory implemented to give all the guarantees to our final customers.

It allows us to approve the EN15194 standard specific to Electrically Assisted Cycles.

ACTIA validation laboratory

In order to ensure control of the product/process qualification phases, ACTIA has invested in a measurement and testing laboratory.

Within an approved and certified framework, thermal and vibratory ageing cycles under dynamic conditions are applied to products designed by ACTIA. The fulfilment of these specifications, which are directly derived from the market and automotive requirements, enables the study/industrialisation phase to be finalised and the series production phases to be started with peace of mind. The Micromobility activity benefits from this system to provide its customers with the best reliability.

Producing without destroying is a priority challenge for ACTIA

ACTIA is committed to an eco-design approach specific to its Micro-Mobility product line.

Throughout its life cycle, the entire range respects three essential principles: durability, reparability and recyclability.

By designing and manufacturing its drive train and batteries locally (Euro1 zone), the ACTIA-equipped EAB considerably reduces the carbon footprint of its components.

The meticulous choice of reliable and durable raw materials ensures an unequalled durability of the bike and its assistance system over time. With a motor guaranteed for 2 years and batteries qualified for 1100 cycles, i.e. 7 years in normal use, the passage to the garage is not for tomorrow!

Each piece of equipment is traceable and designed to be easily dismantled and repaired, regardless of where in the world the bike is located.

Finally, ACTIA supports cycle manufacturers in the recovery of its products at the end of their life cycle thanks to proven partnerships with qualified specialists.

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