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accessories for micromobility

In addition to the optimised functionalities of its electrification solutions, ACTIA designs and provides cyclists with a range of accessories for comfort and safety. Our anti-theft devices, beacons, radars and other dedicated accessories are the result of over 35 years of ACTIA expertise.
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Functional, practical and relevant

Developed in-house or available from our partners, our range of accessories is always specified, tested and validated by our engineering teams.
It meets precise needs related to the use of the vehicle with always the same objective: the interest of the function and safety.

Useful, Precise, Ergonomic

Utility: the ACTIA connected anti-theft device makes it possible to secure the bicycle thanks to an innovative and discrete system.

Reliable, Qualified

ACTIA designs and qualifies these accessories with the same high standards it applies to its on-board electronics solutions in order to give them the best reliability and quality.

Our accessories for micromobility

A wide range of accessories.

Connected anti-theft device

This intelligent anti-theft device defies the criteria of efficiency and inviolability without compromising on discretion!

Robustness, remote control, zeroW and easy integration were our criteria for the design and industrialization of this anti-theft device. Adapted to the protection constraints of the bike-sharing market, the ACTIA anti-theft device is the only integrated electronic solution on the market to date.

Smartphone holder

The smartphone becomes the dashboard of the e-bike

ACTIA has selected a range of supports that are among the most robust, discreet and versatile on the market. The smartphone, securely attached to the bike’s control unit, allows the cyclist to view all the information useful for his or her journey in real time. USB or induction charging options are available to ensure that the battery never runs out and to take advantage of all the features offered by the ACTIA application. For the more sporty, thrill-seekers and camera enthusiasts, the range also includes an integrated action camera mount.

Anti-collision radar

The anti-collision radar developed by ACTIA monitors the road for the cyclist and allows him to ride safely in all circumstances. There is no longer any need for a rear-view mirror, which is often unsuitable for cycling, or to look over the shoulder before turning, which is synonymous with imbalance and loss of concentration. The radar continuously detects obstacles around the cyclist and indicates in real time how close he is to them. This allows the rider to follow his route and anticipate risky situations as they arise, while keeping his eyes on his trajectory, day and night. In the event of an unexpected event, such as a fall, the radar alerts the emergency services.

Safety first!

Cardiac monitor

Make cycling a pleasure by accompanying the cyclist in his effort

Integrated into the radar and non-intrusive, the heart monitor allows the cyclist to practice his favourite activity without ever exceeding his physiological capacities. Whether the rider is a novice, an expert or undergoing rehabilitation, the monitor tracks heart rate and respiratory rate in real time and warns the rider if the alert threshold is exceeded. This maximum effort threshold can be fully configured and is correlated with the bike’s electrical assistance, which adapts to the cyclist’s profile according to the effort he or she is able to make.

Telematics beacon

The VAE "Argos" beacon

More than a simple tracker, the telematics beacon locates the e-bike on which it is mounted in all circumstances, and transmits its operating data in real time, anonymously and completely securely. Backed by a robust web platform, it is specially designed for manufacturers and fleet managers, who can access their fleet’s status data in a few clicks. They can thus anticipate maintenance campaigns, prevent offences and incivilities, and optimise the availability of bicycles to cyclists.

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