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design of electrification systems

With more than 35 years of experience in research and development of embedded systems for some of the biggest names in the automotive industry, ACTIA can handle your specifications and bring your most ambitious projects to a successful conclusion.
/ Expertise / Specific design

The expertise of a Global System

From the characterisation of your needs, ACTIA will be able to support and advise you.

Our design teams will provide the necessary hindsight to define the architecture of your electrification system, as well as a detailed analysis of all the vehicle’s inherent functions. All this while maintaining the objective of pleasure and comfort of use.

From design to production and qualification, ACTIA is the new partner in the micro-mobility sector.

Partner in a specific, broad-spectrum design

Across all e-bike markets: Electrically Assisted Bikes, Bike Sharing, E-cargo, and listening to your most specific needs, we can work together to find the motorisation, power and autonomy solutions that match your identity and that of your vehicle.

All this with the advanced features offered by ACTIA connectivity and its customisable applications to meet the most challenging and complex projects.

The range’s innovative accessories will also bring comfort, safety and satisfaction to the user.

Your identity

Tell us about your ambitions, your prospects and your challenges!

Our expertise

We will translate this into an in-depth study and, by working together, we will be able to design the bike that bears your mark and your uniqueness.

Your satisfaction

Always at the heart of our objectives, that of our customers and that of the end user.

Do you have a question?

For more information, our team is at your service to answer you as soon as possible.
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