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Micromobility, the urban travel mode of the future. For intelligent, agile, ecological and connected mobility.

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ACTIA, a connected use of light mobility

The new ACTIA Micromobility business is determined to meet the many challenges of the booming micromobility market in the years to come.

The digital revolution, the desire to decarbonise and decongest urban areas, as well as the fight against sedentarisation, is pushing light and responsible transport to the forefront, particularly in the wake of the known health crises. Seizing this new opportunity, ACTIA’s mechatronic experience in the automotive field is pushing the company to the heart of these new technological challenges for a lighter, more responsible, intelligent, ecological and connected mobility.

ACTIA is a major historical player in the design, manufacture and marketing of on-board electronic solutions, batteries, accessories and advanced functions, data services, displays, motors and control software. All this experience and knowledge in these fields enables ACTIA to offer adapted micromobility solutions, particularly for the EAB (Electrically Assisted Bicycle).

In a constant search for improvement, ACTIA continues to innovate, particularly in the recycling of batteries, in the new uses of micro-mobile transport solutions, in the software contribution to the user thanks to the efficient processing of data, coupled with the interconnectivity of the various modules of the on-board system.

At the cutting edge of technology and responding precisely to societal challenges and customer needs, ACTIA has proven its ability to provide technologically accurate answers that are in line with the evolution of today and tomorrow.


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ACTIA supports its customers and is present at all stages of the product life cycle. From design to the integration of our solutions, whether standard or customised, we are involved in every stage of the project. ACTIA contributes 100% to the monitoring and proper functioning of its products to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Also, as shown by the various certifications, ACTIA is constantly committed to continuous improvement in terms of quality, cybersecurity and social and environmental responsibility: ACTIA guarantees that its products will have an industrial life of over 10 years. This is ACTIA’s strategy for offering the best possible solutions to its customers, while controlling its production costs.


ACTIA’s systems for micromobility comply with current standards and norms.

EN 15194

Requirements for EABs with a maximum continuous rated power of 0.25 kW whose power supply is interrupted when the bicycle reaches 25 km/h or when pedalling stops.

EN 4210

Bicycle safety requirements.

UL 2054

Certification of the lithium-ion battery.

ACTIA, expert in the fields of on-board connectivity

As a leader in on-board telematics, ACTIA has mastered the design and implementation of the entire range of low-power communication protocols. The strong experience in system data acquisition and management, combined with the mastery of the entire electronic and software perimeter, provides ACTIA’s e-bike solutions with a maximum level of relevance and efficiency.

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